Top 3 Most Efficient Fitness Trackers

Top 3 Most Efficient Fitness Trackers Picture

A fitness tracker helps you discover how active and healthy you are every day. There are several features to take into consideration when you buy a fitness tracker, such as app software or battery life. The tracker should sync very easily to your data on your phone or on the web. Actually, this fitness tracker which has exploded in popularity, will show you through a rough guide from how active are to how active you should be.
If you are thinking about buying a fitness tracker you will find below a list of the top 3 most efficient fitness trackers .

The Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is one of the best-looking fitness trackers of the Fitbit company. With a new color display and an easier software for beginners, the Fitbit has not lost its touch and it’s still on the people’s top preferences.
If you are thinking about buying this type of fitness tracker, you should know that it has a comfortable design, a readable display, good-looking accessories, and the most important thing is that it works with Androids and iPhones. Thankfully, there are some fitness trackers with metal, stainless steel frames, leather or classic bands, which can be quickly removed. However, you should know that you can’t shower with it because it is not waterproof and the pop-out design for charging and band-swapping feels clunky.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Top 3 Most Efficient Fitness Trackers Picture

This fitness tracker is an innovative element that the company started to produce about two months ago. The novelty of this fitness track is the Vivosmart HR, which presents the optical HR capabilities. If you are thinking about buying the Garmin Vivosmart HR, you should know the unboxing is the same for all of them, even if there are different sizes and models of Vivosmart HR. Inside, you will find the Vivosmart HR, the USB charger, and the manual.
If you’re using Garmin Vivosmart HR , you should know that for your daily activity tracking, this fitness tracker will track steps, stairs climbed and sleep. It does this using various Garmin algorithms and an internal accelerometer to decide what’s a step, and what’s a false-positive. Moreover, you can use the optical HR sensor for the calorie calculations.

Jawbone UP2

This fitness tracker is the best option you can choose for its simplicity. It’s one of the best-looking trackers of the company with the UP software being extremely easy to use. The Jawbone UP2 has important features such as a smart alarm, sleep monitoring, and step tracking. Plenty of people choose this type of fitness tracker due to its good looks which involve a slim design and vibrant colors. You must know the UP2 will keep tabs on your time spent active or idle, your total calorie burn and the distance traveled in the day. This device is more for fitness fans because it will not provide you a heart rate tracking and GPS like other devices, but you can build up a complete record of your fitness progress. On the other hand, the cyclists and the runners will want something more detailed. That’s why they usually opt for a Fitbit Blaze.