5 Benefits of Jumping Rope Workouts

One of the simplest and most common ways of exercising, jumping rope can offer you endless benefits and can become your favorite workout routine once you get the hang of it. Although it seems more like a childhood game, this could actually help you lose weight and get in shape. Not convinced yet? Check out below five amazing benefits of jumping rope workouts.

It’s affordable

5 Benefits of Jumping Rope Workouts Picture

Perhaps the first advantage of jumping rope is the fact that anyone can try it without any major investment and without having to go to a fancy gym. You can find jump ropes almost anywhere and they cost little to nothing. Plus, you can jump in your backyard, in your apartment, in the park, on the sidewalk, basically anywhere you are not disturbing other people. You can easily carry your rope around and start your workout routine anywhere.

Burn calories

By jumping at a medium speed, you will manage to burn up to 16 calories per minute, which is higher than most workouts. Jump for 30 minutes and you will be able to burn more calories than you would have if you were running. This makes jumping rope a great exercise for weight loss and for burning fat. Although you might think that jumping rope is easy, it actually implies a lot of effort that is transformed into calories burned.

Increased bone density

Your bones are strengthened during physical activities that imply effort and pressure on your bone. Given that jumping rope needs you to jump and land on your legs, the impact on your bones and joints is high and helps build bone density and improve your joints.

Improved brain

5 Benefits of Jumping Rope Workouts Picture

More than any other form of exercise, jumping rope workouts require your brain to focus on maintaining your balance and coordinating your moves. Unlike other workouts that imply sitting on a training device, jumping rope needs you to stay focused so you will manage to improve your brain activity, your reflexes, your balance, and your agility. The higher the speed, the more focused you need to stay and the better your mental activity.

Beautiful skin

The lymphatic system of your body is the one that handles toxins and flushes them out in order to maintain a clean and well-functioning body. Since you don’t have a pump to eliminate toxins, the detoxification relies on your muscles contracting and expanding so the impurities are flushed out through your skin. Jumping contracts the muscles in your entire body, hence, it encourages it to get rid of toxins which results in a clean and glowing skin.