3 Reasons why Rowing Machines are Great for Weight Loss

3 Reasons why Rowing Machines are Great for Weight Loss Picture

A great aid in your weight loss routine is the rowing machine that can help you burn more fat than most of the fitness equipment you will find at the gym. Not only it helps you lose weight but it also helps you achieve a nice shape since it works your entire body. To convince you of the efficiency of the rowing machine, here are 3 of the reasons that make it a great unit for weight loss.

They provide cardio workout

3 Reasons why Rowing Machines are Great for Weight Loss Picture

One of the most intense types of workouts is the cardiovascular type that consists of training your body in such way that your heart rate is accelerated. This forces your heart to pump more blood into your organs so the blood flow is increased and your muscles will be more vascularized. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated and you will burn more fat than usual. The rowing machine is one of the fitness machines that provide cardio workouts designed to burn more calories than any other type of exercises. More than increasing your strength, the rowing machine increases your endurance and helps you exceed your limits so you will resist to more effort with every rowing session. This means that you will lose more weight while rowing than you would lose while swimming or lifting weights.

Rowing machines work your entire body

3 Reasons why Rowing Machines are Great for Weight Loss Picture

There are fitness machines that work your lower body area like the elliptical bikes, the treadmills, or the vertical leg press and these are specifically designed to contract your legs and lower back muscles. For training your upper body, you can use the weight lifter or the arm ergometer that strains your arms and upper back area. The rowing machine, on the other hand, offers great performance in working your entire body from shoulders to hips to glutes so you can shape your body evenly. Contracting all the muscle groups in your body means you will manage to burn fat in many areas so you will achieve a full-body toning.

Their operating mode provides resistance

Most fitness equipment imply you using your physical strength to have them running without them providing any type of resistance. What makes the rowing machine different, hence so efficient in losing weight, is the resistance provided that guarantees all your muscles will be strained while rowing. Some rowing machines are designed as air rowers, others are magnetic while others are water rowers but the main principle remains the same. The front of the rowing machine provides resistance against your arms pulling the handles and your legs pushing your body weight along the gliding rail. This results in an intense workout that includes your entire body so the weight loss effect will be complete.